Using Syndesy’s Emergency Button

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Syndesy addresses safety challenges in the realm of real estate. 

Syndesy’s Emergency Button

Syndesy strives to keep its users safe. The Syndesy emergency button is designed to alert your emergency contacts with your location in an emergency situation. All you have to do is take out your phone and push the button. Your contacts will receive a text from the app with a request for help as well as a link to your pinned location on a map.

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Realty: A Syndesy Emergency Button Use Case

The Statistics Behind Safety in Realty

In his article, Attacks on Real Estate Agents Are Increasing Every Day, J. Lew states, “According to a 2018 Inman Survey, 9 percent of agents said they’d been attacked or threatened at work.” Lew goes on to quote the National Association of Realtors 2018 Member Safety Report that states that “43 percent of its members have opted to carry weapons,” with pepper spray being the most common.


My Friend, The Real Estate Agent

My friend Maria is a real estate agent. She is one of those people everyone likes to be around because she radiates kindness, intelligence, and honesty. People trust her, enjoy working with her, and gladly recommend her. So, Maria is busy.  She is also five feet tall on a good day and seventy-five years old. Although she has been described as fearless, she is not naïve. She understands that as an independent contractor, regularly meeting strangers in unfamiliar places, she must be concerned for her own safety. 


A Risky Profession

Maria has heard terrifying stories of other realtors being robbed and assaulted. She knocks on wood that nothing has ever happened to her on the job. And she is exquisitely aware that she has been lucky. Indeed, just last month, a female realtor in her area was accosted by a man posing as a prospective buyer. In response, one of her colleagues began carrying a gun, but that is not something Maria would ever be comfortable with. Maria is fortunate in that her husband Alan is retired and happy to accompany her to open houses and client meetings, but Alan is even older than Maria and long past the expiration date on the military training of his youth.


Syndesy has tools that can help.

Maria has no confidence in her ability to effectively wield pepper spray. Searching for other options, she downloaded Syndesy—and so did Alan. The app’s emergency button gives them the comfort that they can send out a call for help with the simple press of a button, alerting their emergency contacts to exactly where they are. Maria also makes all her client appointments through the Syndesy app; doing this ensures that she and her clients are on the same page when it comes to meeting times and locations. And Maria uses the Syndesy Journal feature to record notes about her clients and their meetings. As sweet as she is, Maria does not hesitate to drop offensive, intimidating or bullying clients. Her Syndesy journals, which store her written notes of any adverse client behavior, can generate a record of such unacceptable behavior to back her up if her decision to drop a client is ever challenged. No one has ever challenged her judgment, but Maria is thorough and knows that day could come.

Wherever she goes, Maria Checks-In with Syndesy; that way, nothing falls through the cracks, and all business can be retraced. Moreover, every Saturday, Maria generates a weekly Check-Ins report which helps her trace all business that week, keep track of her mileage and update her notes.

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