Privacy is at the Heart of Syndesy

Syndesy founder, Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, has spent his entire career protecting and defending the rights of individuals to their privacy and well-being. Whether he is working to ensure the cyber privacy of the famous athlete or the cyber security of the victim of cybercrime, Hemu is committed to neutralizing cyber abuse, ferreting out the abusers and preserving cyber privacy for us all. It is that commitment to cyber integrity that Hemu brings to a new app called Syndesy.

Voluntary, Private Contact Tracing

This app is easy to use and features a check-ins feature being used to curb the spread of coronavirus. Easily accessible on the homescreen of the app is a privacy-friendly and voluntary check-ins button which allows us all to keep track of our comings and goings. In a world in the grips of a pandemic, this simple check-ins tool allows the user to carry on responsibly and privately. Syndesy does not track you or follow you or spy on you. Instead, it is up to the individual user to choose, voluntarily, to use this app to help themselves, their families, their friends, and their communities. Syndesy does not take over your life; it gives you the tools to be a responsible participant in your community health. Syndesy does not dictate what you do; it does not inform on you; it does not undermine your right to privacy. What Syndesy does is help you, the user, keep track of where you have been so that if you were to become infected, you could voluntarily share your location history and ensure that others who might have been where you were, when you were there, can get tested.

Syndesy is a tool for democratic containment. Just like America, it is built on the individual’s right to choose one’s path – to check-in or not to check-in.

Critical to cyber privacy is cyber intelligence and cyber vigilance. Syndesy’s cyber privacy mandate is user autonomy. Syndesy does not follow you around like a mechanical cyber stalker. Syndesy gives you the tools to help you easily and responsibly keep track of your own movements. Syndesy does not force you to share private information; it gives you the tools to generate a responsible report and it give you the option to choose to share your private information. Syndesy does not take over and manage your private information for you; rather it helps you to maintain your private records, review your private records and make personal and private decisions about whether or not to share information with others.

The choice is yours. The privacy is yours.


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