Top 10 Ways to Stay Safer with Syndesy

Syndesy is an app that promotes safe and responsible connections and interactions. With easy-to-use features, users can navigate through many challenging situations. At the office? On a date? Trying to handle a deranged patron? Being bullied? Exposed to a contagion? Looking for some hope? This app can help. 

syndesy app

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Stay Safer with Syndesy:

1. Make all your connections through Syndesy.

The Connections Feature allows you to reach out and make clear and copacetic plans. 

syndesy app connections

2. Maintain and update your Emergency Contacts in Syndesy.


3. Check-In with Syndesy wherever you go.

The Check-Ins Feature allows you to mark your comings and goings with the press of button, storing where you were and when.

syndesy app successful check in                                  Check ins report

4. Cross reference your Check-Ins with those of the contagious during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


5. Journal about any uncomfortable meeting, encounter, or incident.

The Journal Feature allows you to make a diary type entry that is time-, date- and geo-stamped.

You have the ability to place a call within the Journal feature. 

The app will keep a record that the call was made, giving you credibility in any dispute. 

syndesy journal


6. The Reports Feature Helps Keep a Record

You can use the Reports Feature to generate a report on your Connections, Journals, and Check-Ins, summarizing it in an emailed PDF that includes information you select such as:

Where were you?

When were you there?

Who did you reach out to?

Who invited you to dinner?

Did you accept the invite?

Did you withdraw the invite?

What did you write about an issue?

syndesy reports

7. Use the Emergency Button when you feel vulnerable or unsafe. This is a call for help when you need help. The Emergency Button is right on the home page.

The Emergency Button allows you to summon help from your trusted contacts. The Emergency Button will alert your emergency contacts via an urgent text that includes your precise location.

syndesy app emergency function         syndesy emergency text         syndesy emergency location             syndesy emergency satellite


8. Check the Resources portal to find help from other organizations.

The Resources Feature lists many agencies and hotlines that you can reach out to in times of need or support.


9. Block any user you do not want to hear from.


10. Share Syndesy with your network of friends and family. The more users in your community, the safer you are.


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