Top 10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety With Syndesy

syndesy reduces anxiety in users

Let Syndesy help you help yourself. In times of stress, Syndesy offers several tools to help keep you organized and responsible both as an individual and as a member of your community. The app can be used to keep track of where you have been and what you have planned. It can be used to journal sources of anxiety and reach out for help in any kind of emergency. If you want to learn more about Syndesy’s safety features, check out our favorite top ten ways you can use Syndesy to keep you safe

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Here are Our Top 10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Anxious Times with Syndesy:


1. Syndesy helps you remember where you have been. 

Can’t find your credit card? Review your Syndesy Check-Ins to see where you have been and start making calls.

syndesy app successful check in

2. Syndesy helps you remember where you are going.

Can’t remember where you agreed to meet? Check your Syndesy Connections portal to review your arrangements.


3. Worried you are lost and getting afraid?

Keep your finger on the Emergency Button so you can alert your trusted contacts if you should need immediate help.


4. Found out you were exposed to the coronavirus and might have infected others?

Generate a report of all your Check-Ins and share it with people you might have been in contact with.

Check ins report


5. The person you just met at a bar is getting aggressive?

Leave and make notes in the Journal portal

Even better: Call a friend within the app so there is a record you shared your concerns.


6. Terrified?

Push the Emergency Button to summon your emergency contacts for help.


7. Feeling vulnerable or worried you are going to feel vulnerable in any given situation?

Encourage everyone in your social network to download Syndesy so that you can reach out to them through the app and so that they can reach out to you in a time of need.


8. Never want to hear from someone again?

Block them in Syndesy.


9. Need more resources on where to get more help?

Check out the Syndesy Resources portal.

10. Lonely? 

Reach out in Syndesy for responsible, clear, and safe connections.

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