Keeping Your Community Safer with Syndesy’s Check-In Feature

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Keeping Yourself and Your Community Safer

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The Syndesy app is an essential safety tool to use during this unprecedented and unfortunate coronavirus epidemic. Syndesy allows you to track your movements if or when you leave your place of refuge, isolation, or quarantine. By tracking your movements, you can take part in the solution to fighting Covid-19. In the unfortunate chance that you are to get sick or come in contact with an infected individual, knowing your movements will be essential to ensuring that no one else becomes infected.


Be responsible By Using Syndesy

Use the Syndesy app check-in feature to track when and where you venture outside. Please encourage others to do the same. In this way, we can create a voluntary network throughout our communities working to contain the outbreak and slow the spread of the virus…

So many questions.

I am on a Zoom call with over 140 members from my college class. There are so many questions being raised about how to live responsibly so that our communities are safer. This is not just about our individual safety and security, but about the safety of all people. What can we do? How can each of us contribute to the health and welfare of our communities?

Syndesy can help.

That is where Syndesy comes in. Designed to foster safer connections between people in the professional, academic, and personal spheres, one simple feature of the app provides a critical tool in current times of anxiety. It allows us to keep an accurate record of where we have been and when.

Check-In With Syndesy.

Of course, right now most of us are trying to stay home, but not all of us can; there are times when almost everyone has to venture out into public. Even those of us in non-essential jobs will need to get food or medicine at some point. Or we will need to help an elderly friend or relative. Syndesy’s Check-Ins Button allows us to voluntarily track our public movement.

Imagine this…

You are perfectly healthy; your pantry is bare and you know your elderly neighbor needs some provisions. You get up early to avoid the crowds. You click the Check-Ins Button as you enter the market and Syndesy registers a time-, date- and geo-stamp. You click the button again when you arrive at the pharmacy to grab your neighbor’s heart medicine— And again when you get to the bank. You can protect yourself and your community by pushing ‘Check-Ins’ in the Syndesy app any time you go somewhere new. This keeps a record of everywhere you’ve been, if or until you need it. If you become ill days later, you know exactly where you have been and when. And that gives you the chance to let others know that they might have been in contact with you. If they too have used Syndesy, they can cross-reference their comings and goings with yours to know if they were at direct risk of exposure.

syndesy app successful check in                                  Check ins report

Syndesy is Private.

Your Check-Ins, your journals, your connection requests, and your contacts are all private until, if ever, you decide to share them. Syndesy gives you agency while you control your privacy. Syndesy gives you options; Syndesy gives you choice.

Here is to healthier times.

Syndesy gives us the tools to be responsible and preserve the welfare of our community. Syndesy gives us control in a world where we feel adrift in an ocean of risk. Syndesy is free. Sign up. Tell your friends. Keep track of where you are and when you are there so that you can take pro-active and responsible steps on the road to public health.

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