Finding Hope with Syndesy

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During times of crisis, we tend to look for #hope. Sometimes we find it in the embrace of a friend or loved one. Other times we find it in the words of our civic and national leaders. And if we keep our hearts and minds open, we may even find hope in the most unexpected places. Today, I find hope in an app called Syndesy that was originally created to connect people with people, and give them the ability to seek help on a moment’s notice. Syndesy also has a feature called “Check-Ins” that lets users store their geo-location with a date/time stamp. This app feature lets users generate a report that lists each place they have been over a selected period of time. I find hope in “Check-Ins” as it can be a vital tool right now for users who have been infected to let others know exactly where they have been and when. By generating a Check-Ins report, users can provide friends, loved ones, and their communities with information to protect themselves and others, helping to contain the spiral of infection. If we all ‘check-in,’ we can work together at a time when the crisis demands we keep physically apart. There is hope in that.

– Hemanshu Nigam, CEO of Cyber Security Affairs

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