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Syndesy Connections Portal


The Syndesy app fosters safe connections by providing the tools for people to reach out and connect with mutuality and communication. The app’s Connections Portal can grab names from your iphone’s contact list, or you can reach out to a new contact by simply typing a name and number with in the app. Take the case of Henry and Autumn…


Synergy… Harmony… Connecting… Syndesy


Henry and Autumn had been best friends in high school but drifted apart when they attended different colleges. Henry was now working in London and when Autumn found out she was being transferred to England, she sent a Syndesy connection request to Henry. 


Henry was leaving the office when the request came through. He was delighted and accepted immediately. Autumn would arrive next week. Henry offered to pick her up at the airport.


In London, the two old friends started to hang out again. It felt really good to be together, better than it ever had before. Henry would send Syndesy connection requests suggesting they meet at various different places he had discovered during his time abroad. Autumn was happy to accept and to spend time with Henry.


Both Henry and Autumn independently wanted to take their friendship to a new level. But each of them wanted to make sure the other wanted the same thing. Henry decided to use Syndesy. He sent a connection request inviting Autumn on an official date.  The dating kind of date. Not the friend kind of date. Autumn was happy to get the connection request. She accepted, adding that she was looking forward to the “dating kind of date” especially if they could finally kiss. Henry and Autumn were both elated and relieved. They each knew where the other stood. They had approached their evolving relationship with respect and consideration of the other. What could be more intimate than openness and communication?



Syndesy Check-Ins Feature


Syndesy’s Check-Ins button, which allows you to track your whereabouts, is a simple way to report your progress to the boss when you are out in the field. The app also offers an Emergency button which you can trigger if you find yourself in a situation that feels unsafe. Read about Mira…


Push of button: Check-Ins and Emergency.


Mira, who works in animal rescue, is sent on an emergency call. Calls often require her to venture into risky situations not just due to potential confrontations with wild or disturbed animals but also due to the challenging humans linked to those animals. 


Today Mira is sent out to the boonies to check out the situation in a roadside bar where baby puppies were reported to be trapped inside an arcade grabber machine as patrons tried to snatch them up in the mechanical claws. This was a first for Mira. And she had never before been dispatched to remote Begin Bluff.


Upon arrival at the bar, Mira used her Syndesy Check-In button to register her location. She typically used the Check-Ins button for her own personal record keeping– records to have in case she later wanted to share her movements, challenges and reports. In addition to the Check-Ins button, Mira took great comfort in Syndesy’s easy access to the Emergency Button which, in an emergency, would instantly send a call for help to her husband, her boss, and two other colleagues.


Everyone in the bar stared at Mira when she entered. She was clearly an interloper. After stating her business and after a few brief words with the owner of the establishment, she was met with an angry chorus of jeers from the unruly patrons. Mira had her finger on her Syndesy emergency button the whole time. If the situation were to escalate, her emergency contacts would be alerted that she needed help. Mira unplugged the arcade machine, rescued the suffering puppies and left. 


As Mira pulled out of the driveway, the malnourished and terrified puppies now safely secured in the back of the truck, Mira pressed that Check-In Button again. Mission accomplished. Back on the road, Mira called in the incident of animal cruelty to law enforcement so that the perpetrators could be disciplined by the authorities and the barbarously jerry-rigged arcade machine removed.


The puppies were safe.  So was Mira. 



Syndesy Connections Button


Syndesy belongs in every workplace. The app gives both employer and employee tools to help manage or correct situations of power harassment when or if it exists. The Connections Button enables all personnel to meet in and out of the workplace with a clear understanding of purpose and expectation. The app gives agency to the employee who feels pressured into inappropriate situations, and it provides a way to call for help in an emergency. Let me tell you about Jillian…


The Touchy-Feely Boss 




Bob clicked the connections button on his Syndesy app and invited Jillian to coffee. Jillian liked Bart a lot; he was bright and funny, but he was her boss, and she feared the this would lead to no good. Jillian declined the invitation. 


Responsible Communication…


Bob tried again; this time, he invited to her a basketball game. Jillian loved basketball and she considered it, but again she decided that seeing her direct boss outside of work was inadvisable, and she politely declined within the Syndesy connection portal. 


Get help… in an emergency…


One evening Jillian was finishing up at work when Bob sat down on her desk and asked if she was avoiding him. Jillian explained her position. Bob seemed to understand, but then he smiled and pulled her into a hug. Jillian pressed the Syndesy Emergency button as she pushed Bob off. He began to argue with her that they were both adults. He was getting really agitated and Jillian was really alarmed when two of her three emergency contacts burst in the door. Tom and Vicki had been leaving the building when they got the Syndesy alert that Jillian needed help. The app pinpointed Jillian’s exact location and they were able to get there in time to help Jillian. 


Journal.  Keep a record

When Jillian got to her car, she locked the doors and quickly typed an account of the incident into the Journals repository in the Syndesy app.


Your journals are private


Bob only treated Jillian with respect after that. And Jillian began to think that perhaps he had actually learned that there is line that should not be crossed between boss and employee except perhaps in the most considered, most discussed and most mutual of exceptions. In fact, Bob was so gracious to Jillian that she wondered if he was grateful to have learned this lesson from her.


But your journals can be shared, if you so choose

Three months later Jillian entered the rest room to find Linda in tears. She had just been to lunch with Bob who had groped her under the table. Shocked, Linda had slapped Bob across the face and bolted out of the restaurant.  Jillian felt terrible for Linda who had only just started at the firm. Linda was so distraught; she needed this job, but how would she ever be able to work for a man like that? Jillian asked if Linda used Syndesy. Linda said she does and that she had already journaled about her encounter with Bob.  Jillian explained that she herself had a similar encounter journaled. Linda was stunned. Jillian said, “If the two of us had similar encounters, then I bet there are others. And if we all used Syndesy to record our experiences and our calls for help, Human Resources will have what they need to advocate for us.


Linda stopped crying. She knew there is power in numbers and she knew that Syndesy had provided them with the tools to have agency against Bob’s power harassment.



It turned out that Bob had been preying on the employees in his department for quite some time. Because he didn’t seem to mind the rejection and never retaliated against those who rejected him, there were many folks in the office who had had similar experiences, but stuck around in the job.  Fortunately, most of the employees used Syndesy. Linda and Jillian took their accounts, backed up by various Syndesy journal reports, to Human Resources. To the relief of many of their co-workers, Bob was let go. 



Indeed, Syndesy should be used by all company employees. The more users, the more communication.  The more communication, the more balanced the work force, the more balanced the workforce, the more ethical the community. The more ethical the corporate culture, the more functional the company. A company that functions with the kind of mutuality of respect inspired by the use of Syndesy is a company that enjoys worker loyalty.



Syndesy Journaling Tool


Syndesy is an app than can help you in a tricky situation you might have never seen coming. Use of the Journaling Tool within the app allows you to keep a record of your encounters and connections which can be an effective way to manage relationship surprises you might never have anticipated. Take George for instance…


Crossed Signals – Good Thing There’s a Journal for This


George had seen Sophie several times at the local health food co-op, where they exchanged friendly smiles. George ended up actually meeting Sophie one day when she couldn’t reach the red lentils on the top shelf. Sophie was about to climb on the bags of rice stacked below when George stepped in to prevent an avalanche of dried goods. The two had a really good laugh about what might have ensued had George not come along, and Sophie suggested George join her for a dinner of lentil stew.


A dedicated Syndesy user, George pulled out his phone and added Sophie as a new contact. Then he sent her a connection request: “Thanks for inviting me to dinner. What time? Where? And what can I bring?”


Sophie accepted the request: 7@576 South Hill. Bring something intoxicating for dessert.


The most intoxicating dessert George could think of was vegan rice pudding which he made from scratch. But when he presented it to Sophie, she burst out laughing. She had answered the door in a sheer white dress. There were candles lit but nothing was cooking. “Can I help get dinner going?” George asked, confused. 


“Why did you really come here, George?” Sophie shot back.


This was getting weird.  George has always hated weird.  “I’d better go,” he said.


“Did you come here to take advantage of me?”


This was getting weirder. Still clutching the rice pudding, George turned and walked out the door.  As he exited the building he Checked-In with Syndesy. When he got in his car, he Checked-In again and called his friend Joey from within the emergency module. “Joey, I have no idea what the hell just happened to me, but I just had this really bizarre encounter.”


The two friends talked and the incidence of the call registered within the app. In case the unpredictable and disturbing Sophie ever were to accuse George of anything, the agreement to meet had been noted with the Syndesy app, so had George’s swift departure along with his call to his emergency contact, Jed. And if Sophie were to ever attempt to contract or harass George, he would have a record of her actions and his call to Joey to take to the authorities.



Syndesy Check-Ins Button for Verification


With a press of Syndesy’s Check-In Button, the app allows you to verify that you got to school on time or that you showed up to class even when the teacher marked you absent. Sam has good advice for Patricia…


Invisible No More – I Can Check-In Every Time


“Why does Mr. Baxter mark me absent when I am sitting right in front of him?  It happens all the time. I am going to get detention and I don’t deserve it,” cried Patricia.


“Get Syndesy,” suggested Sam with a yawn. “It has a Check-In feature. I click it when I enter the classroom and then I have time-, date- and geo-stamped proof that I was in that numskull’s classroom when he took attendance.”


“That’s brilliant,” said Patricia. “I used Syndesy for hook-ups. I never thought to use it to verify my attendance.”


“Stick with me,” yawned Sam. “I’m full of surprises.”



Syndesy For Meetings


Syndesy’s helps set meetings as well as expectations. The app’s Check-Ins Button can easily establish when you arrived and when you left. You can even journal notes on the meeting…




Sheldon was exasperated, “Who do I have to screw to get a part in the college play?” He wasn’t expecting a response.


“Who do you think?” responded Alicia, exasperated at his myopia.


“What? Who? For real?” responded Sheldon.


“You have to screw the director —Professor O’Dea—everybody knows that,” Alicia practically shouted. 




“Sheldon, why are you suddenly acting like a prude?” said Alicia.


“I don’t want to have sex with that old weirdo.”


“Why not? You have sex with everyone else,” quipped Alicia.


“That’s not true,” whined Sheldon.


When Sheldon got his call-back to meet with Professor O’Dea for the second lead in the semester play, it came through on Syndesy. The meeting was set in the coffee shop on Campus Road. Sheldon accepted.


When he got to the meeting, Sheldon pressed the Syndesy Check-Ins button. He had made Alicia one of his emergency contacts prior to the meeting just in case the professor tried anything weird.


The meeting went well. Sheldon really liked O’Dea. Sheldon complimented him on using Syndesy which made it really easy to set the meeting. “I always use Syndesy,” replied the professor. 


They walked out of the coffee shop together, and as they parted, they both pressed the Syndesy Check-Ins button.


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